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8-Way Power Supply Sequence Controller


8-Way Power Supply Sequence Controller


Mechanism Sepuence bypass switch that overrides the power sequence control.
Master key switch A master on/off switch to activate / deactivate sequence control. Switch On : The instruments are activated via electricity supply to each sockets in delayed ascending order. (i.e. From output 1 to 2 until 8) Switch Off : The instruments are deactivated by cutting off the electricity supply to each sockets in inverse order. (i.e. From output 8 to 7 until 1)
Application Enable user to locate each machine from low voltage power consumption to high one in sequence 1 to 8 to avoid excess voltage supply sparking other machine when switching off the machines. E.g. To install power supply of mixer at socket 1, equalizer at 2,crossover at 3, power amplifier from 4 to 8.
LED Voltage Display LED at front panel indicates main supply voltage and switch status for all 8 power supply channels.
USB Power Supply Additional 2 USB power supplies are provided (1 at front panel and another 1 at back panel to ensure user supplimentary machines like handphone, or LED lamp to be occupied even in dark occasions.


Power Supply 220-240V / 50Hz
Total Power 20kVA
Channel Power 2kVA
Output Channel 1-Way
Input Channel 8-Way
Sequence Time To Activate/Deactivate Each Output Channel 1 second
Link Cable USB link
USB LED Light 5V/100mA
Product Dimension (W x H x D) 483mm x 48mm x 260mm
Packing Dimension (W x H x D) 545mm x 85mm x 360mm
Weight 4.0kg
Set per Carton 5 sets per carton