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Conference Wired Microphone


Conference Wired Microphone


Country of Origin Made in China
Interface Description Is an interface incorporating wired conference unit in the conference system. It is connected to conference main unit DCA-3300 and match with delegate wired microphone DCM-3600C by 8P-DIN interface connection.
Speech LED Indicator Both base unit and gooseneck LED will turn to red when switch on the microphone power.
Switch Indicator N/A
Cable Connectivity DCA-3600D is connected to a 8P-DIN bridge unit interface cable, then to the DCA-3300 main unit.
Gooseneck Microphone Standard gooseneck microphone is equipped and separated with the base unit and can be installed whenever is occupied.
Electric Capacity Type Microphone Yes
Restriction On Installation The delegate unit is unrestricted and can be installed in any position in the system.
Mircophone Connectivity By collaborating with DCA-3300 main unit, it can support up to 60 units DCM-3600D and DCM-3600C microphones.
Extention Microphone Connectivity Yes. It could be extended to support 250 units DCM-3600D or DCM-3600C microphones by extending additional main units DCA-3300.


Power Supply DC 24V (supplied from main unit DCA-3300)
Current Consumption <60mA
Frequency Response 40Hz-16kHz
Sensitivity -44dB±2dB
Microphone Receiving Distance Reference distance 20-120cm
Microphone Input Microphone terminal : XLR-4-31 type
Connection Terminal 8P-DIN interface type
LED Indicator Speech indicator (flashes at ongoing communication) Power indicator (flashes at ongoing communication)
Function On / Off for speech only
Cable Connection And Length 1pc 2m 8P-DIN interface cable (enable you to connect to the nearest of either chairman or delegate microphone)
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F) or <90% RH
Furnishing Material Top panel : ABS resin, black metallic, paint, semi-gloss
Product Dimension (Long x Diameter) (mm) Base 170mm x 55mm x 115mm, Mic Length 445mm
Packing Dimension (W x H x D) 505mm x 88mm x 210mm
Weight 1.45kg
Ser Per Carton 5 sets per carton