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You are here: Products > Professional Audio (PA) System - XTREME PRO Series > Power Supply Sequence Controller > DSC-108
Sequence bypass switch that overrides the power
  sequence control.
Master key switch to activate/deactivate sequence ctrl
LEDs on front panel to display main supply voltage
  and switch status for each 8 output channels.  
Switch On: Instrument can put through the electricity
  supply to each sockets in delayed ascending order.  
  (i.e. from output 1 to output 2, until output 8) 
Switch OFF: the instrument can cut off the electricity
  supply to each sockets oppositely.
  (i.e Output 8 followed by output 7,until output 1)   
Bar, Disco, Conference Hall,and Portable Performance
Portable and permanent installations 
Power Specification: 220-240V/ 50Hz
Total Power: 20 KVA
Line Output: 1 Way
Output Channel: 8 Way
Channel Power: 2 KVA
Sequence Time for Each Output Channel: 1 Second
Link Cable: USB Link 
USB LED Light: 5V/100mA
Prod Dimension (WxHxD): 550mm x 80mm x 350mm
Weight: 4.0kg
Set Per Carton: 1 Set
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