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You are here: Products > Professional Audio (PA) System - XTREME PRO Series > 2 Way Powered Amplifier > G-550 & G-750 & G-950 & G-1100 & G-1200
G-550 & G-750 & G-950 & G-1100 & G-1200
G-550 & G-750: 2U rack mounting;
G-950 & G-1100 & G-1200:3U rack mount
LCD display screen show the following: 
   Input level: To better understand the signal status. 
   Temperature of each channel:  If the temperature
      surpass the setting point,the micro-computer will
      shut down the output and give an alarm reminder.
   Working voltage: If the voltage surpass the setting
     pt micro-computer to shut down&give alarm reminder
   Low or high speed of fan working status.          
  Overheat,clipping,overload, circuit protection&soft start
  Ground switch. 
  Operation mode switchable (Stereo, Bridge & Mono)   
  Input sensitivity switch. 
  Turn to soft clipping process if it overload automatically. 
  Protect indication (DC Safeguard, overheat, clipping,  
   overload, short circuit protection)  
Remarkable sound quality and impressing power output
Adopt high integrated¶llel circuit,reduce fault rate.
Advanced heat dissipation system and silent-fan.
Professional input/ output connector.
Rated Power THD <0.05% Stereo:  
   G-550: 550W 8Ω / 830W 4Ω
   G-750: 750W 8Ω / 1120W 4Ω
   G-950: 950W 8Ω / 1400W 4Ω
   G-1100: 1100W 8Ω / 1600W 4Ω
   G-1200: 1200W 8Ω / 1700W 4Ω
   G-550: 1660W 8Ω / 2300W 4Ω
   G-750: 2240W 8Ω / 3000W 4Ω 
   G-950: 2800W 8Ω / 3600W 4Ω 
   G-1100: 3200W 8Ω / 4000W 4Ω
   G-1200: 3400W 8Ω / 4400W 4Ω
Slew Rate: 40V/us
S/N Ratio (A Weighted): >103dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.05%
Intermodulation Distortion: <0.05%
Dampling Factor: >400
Frequency Response: 5Hz-50kHz
Input Sensitivity:   
   G-550 & G-750: 0.775V
   G-950 & G-1100 & G-1200: 0.775V/ 26dB/ 1.4V 
Input Impedance: 20KΩ Balanced
Panel Indicators:
   Signal Green, Power Blue, Clip Red, Protect yellow
Input Connectors: XLR Plug
Output Connectors: Banana Plug & Speakon Connector
Protection: DC Safeguard, clipping, overheat, short
   circuit protection & soft start
Power Supply: AC 115V/ 230V 50~60Hz
Prod Dimension (W x H x D): 
   G-550 & G-750: 482mm x 89mm x 453mm
   G-950 & G-1100 & G-1200 : 482mm x132mm x453mm
Shipping Dimension (W x H x D): 565mm x180 x557mm
Net Weight/ Gross Weight:
   G-550: 25.0kg/ 26.5kg
   G-750: 26.0kg/ 27.5kg
   G-950: 32.0kg/ 35.0kg
   G-1100: 33.0kg/ 36.0kg
   G-1200: 38.0kg/ 41.0kg
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